Aug 31, 2012

TV Geek Tip 3: Evernote

This blog post is about Evernote – another piece of web tech geekery that can really organise your life both at work and at home.

How many of us have bits of paper on our desk, emails containing scraps of information, documents saved on computers all over the shop? Evernote is a web service that helps you say goodbye to all that.

There is a reason the Evernote logo is an Elephant… it – and, as a result, you – will never forget anything.

The methodology is simple, you can send almost anything to Evernote – email a simple note, documents, images, screen shots, voice memos, web links. Anything you send is then available on a whole host of devices and platforms – computer, smartphone, tablet etc. You can also then find those things by searching for keywords – of, if you get organised, by user-created tags.

I know it all sounds dull, but like Dropbox and Instapaper that I’ve written about before, this is all about using technology to make your life simple and make things easier to access wherever you are. I use Evernote to keep together all those files that you get emailed – insurance, receipts etc. It’s also perfect for keeping and updating all those aide memoires that litter my desk and phone – and invariably I either lose or I’m not at the right location at the right time to view them.

There is a smartphone app, app for your PC or Mac and the service is available through any web browser. You can add ‘notes’ to the apps or email them to a special email address unique to you.

Again this is one of those ‘freemium’ services where the basic functionality is free to all but if you want more capacity and features you pay a few quid. In all honesty, I haven’t needed to upgrade and can’t see that I will in future.

As a final side note, you should check-out Evernote’s little brother Skitch. I’ll try to write about it in more detail some time but it’s  a screen grab tool, but you can also annotate those grabs and other images. It also has full integration with Evernote.

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